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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about National Education Fairs Foundation (EducationFairs.org). We have devoted our energy, resources and imagination to creating beneficial education fairs throughout the Country for students and their families. EducationFairs.org continues to take a leadership role in developing innovative ways to ease the challenge of college selection, while streamlining practical student recruitment solutions for colleges and universities.

If you are not familiar with EducationFairs.org programs, they happen to serve as an excellent student recruitment tool. Education Fairs are an opportunity for students and their parents to investigate several colleges during one informal setting.

More About EducationFairs.org

Get an up close view and receive in-depth knowledge of some of the Countries top college recruiting fairs. You can carefully inspect and select to participate in any fair right here through our website or through our expo consultants. EducationFairs.org provides student focused fairs for the educational arena. This website brings colleges and college applicants from around the Country to one place. We aim to provide recruiters with a comprehensive overview of each event. Each fair offers institutions and organizations the opportunity to create new productive relationships and student recruits.
About Our Goals
Established in 2007, our organization has grown as institutions and organizations have sought new recruitment territories and qualified student fairs to reach high-achieving students. Our professionalism, honesty, support and understanding of student fairs allows us to work with some of the worlds most recognizable Universities, Colleges, Business Schools, Hotel Management Schools, Professional and Government Bodies.
Booking Your Participation and Advertising Online
With our integrated online order system you can customize your participation, add it to your cart and go to check out or continue shopping. When you decide to check out there are only a few easy steps to process your order, receive a receipt for payment and get confirmation of your registration for the chosen educational fair(s) and/or advertising choices. Continue to produce high-performing educational fairs throughout the Country and to create a resource that surpasses your expectations every time. Student success and high recruiter lead volume are both ultimate priorities!

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