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Why college?

As parents and family members, it is our responsibility to give our children a solid foundation from which they can grow and become happy and successful adults.  Supporting and encouraging our children throughout their academic careers, while an enormous privilege, can be challenging as well.  To help parents and family members, resources are provided in this section of the website to:

  • create and strengthen a college-going culture in your home,
  • help you support what is going on in your child’s classroom and school, and
  • support continuing your own education, if you wish to do so.

The advantages of continuing one’s education beyond high school have long been researched and established. Some of those advantages include:


  • Exposure to exciting new ideas and areas of study
  • Increased skills in reading, writing, math, and analysis
  • Opportunities to work alongside professors doing cutting-edge research
  • Ability to increase your knowledge of the world, your own and different cultures, and career options


  • Increase in maturity and independence due to students’ having complete responsibility for their academic career
  • Learning to be tolerant of differences due to being exposed to a vast array of cultures, philosophies, and ways of life
  • Experiencing a wide variety of student activities including the opportunity to tutor, mentor, and study in another country
  • Developing skills for successfully transitioning to adulthood and the world of work


  • Exposure to career and life experiences through internships and fellowships
  • Increase in earning capacity – A four-year college graduate earns almost $1 million dollars more over his or her lifetime than a high school graduate. The average annual income of a four-year college graduate is about $52,180, compared to the average annual income of $30,940 for a high school graduate.
  • Better working conditions, including longer job tenure, more on-the job training opportunities, and more responsibility and promotion opportunities

It is not enough though, to know and understand the advantages of higher education.  As parents and family members, we must do our best to equip our children with the tools and resources they need to be successful both in school and in life.


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